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About Us

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Hilltop Christmas Trees came into existence in 1971 and the first trees were planted in 1972. By 1975 we were selling trees, trees someone else had grown, as we began to build a customer base. In 1978 we were selling our own trees and trees grown by other growers.

One of the reasons for starting the business was to have a place where our children could earn money and learn a work ethic. From five years on each child worked on the farm. I remember a particular cool January day when I told everyone they could earn a penny a tree for every tree we planted. We ended up paying each child $15 for that day.

We always planned a trip to the beach when we completed the first tree shaping in June. Our three daughters were packing for the trip and wanted to know why we were not packing. We told them the work had not been completed yet. They determined it was not because of their efforts but their brotherís lack of effort. He had three overseers who strongly encouraged him to complete his work. Within a day we were on our way to the beach.

All the kids have been gone for at least ten years but they all migrate this way  from Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia for their trees in late November. In fact, on many years, one or more will show up and work for a few days to a week. We love having them back and pitching in. There are always a few questions as things do change over time. They think we have made things easier such as carts to haul trees from the field.

People ask about the future. While no one can predict the future,  we do know the trees for 2021 are already in the ground and growing.   

Custom made wreathes, garlands and mantle pieces, sprays, and table decorations can be ordered before you come or during your visit for pick up later.

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