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We are part of the GREEN MOVEMENT and we have been for years. Our farm activities are designed to work with nature rather than against nature. Sometimes this creates concerns for Christmas tree users. We go out of our way to tell you and even show you the praying mantas egg cases found all around our farm. Why are they here? One reason is we restrict the use of pesticides on our farm. We want a good praying mantas population because they work on other insect pests and reduce the need for insecticides. We tell you about the praying mantas egg cases so you will not have a praying mantas hatch and 200 of their young in your home. We remove egg cases and leave them outside where they will hatch next spring.

Another sign of being green is the large number of birds that nest in our trees during the spring and summer. In May, while shaping trees, we found six active nests for different birds within ten trees. There were birds everywhere. This does cause some damage when birds perch on the fresh young terminal growth and break the terminal from the tree. This is a real problem with white pines and calls for training new terminals for damaged trees .The large number of trees on an acre also provides good cover for rabbits and feeding areas for turkeys.

Every year we plant new trees on the farm. As you walk our fields you will find trees from one to ten or more years old. We are always planning and planting trees for harvest in six or more years. If we want to harvest 200 trees of a given species in six years we will plant 350 this year. In essence real trees are renewable and they grow on sustainable farms.

Real Christmas Trees are recyclable. After the Holiday Season, Real Christmas Trees can be chipped into mulch, used for bird feeders, made into a brush piles for wildlife habitat, used to stabilize eroding areas as well as for beach & sand dune stabilization, or placed in water areas for fish beds. Most fake trees eventually wind up in landfills.

The literature is full of material of the problems with artificial trees. There is the issue with PVCs  (polyvinyl chlorides) in the manufacturing of trees. And there is an issue with lead. On top of these issues, manufacturing requires the use of non-renewable petroleum products.

We grow real trees that use the sun, water and nutrients from the soil to grow to beautiful recyclable and renewable trees. We are a sustainable environmentally friendly farm. We look forward to seeing you.

Join us in being GREEN!  Buy a REAL CHRISTMAS TREE!

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